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Serious gaming

Project Ares is not all about the perhaps most advanced Cyber Ranges in the world, more importantly, it’s about learning and assessment. In addition to tons of tasks on high-fidelity cyber ranges used in missions and battle rooms there’s a number of serious games as well.

How to use serious gaming to teach critical consepts

Serious games are games designed for a purpose beyond pure entertainment. Elements from game design, such as competition, curiosity, collaboration, individual challenge and game media are used to enhance the motivation to engage in complex or boring tasks. Serious games are therefore used in a variety of professional situations such as education, training, assessment, recruitment, knowledge management, innovation and scientific research.

The games in Project Ares are there to refresh your memory of things you may already have learned and to teach new concepts. An example of one of the games you’ll find both addictive and fun is Cylitaire. Players are provided an adversary action and expected to match the action to a specic phase of the kill chain. The game is complete once the player has successfully created full decks of six matched actions in each phase.

learning kill-chain with cylitaire

Serious Game Objective

The objective of the game is to teach how to identify which adversary actions belong to which phase of the kill chain. This fundamental knowledge is a critical building block of teaching blue teams how to shorten the kill chain, and red teams how to fully employ it. If you’re in incident response, this is one you don’t wanna miss.

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