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Competition Assisted Recruiting in IT

Oppdatert: 14. sep. 2018

Competition Assisted Recruiting is a concept of applying game theory techniques and game design to engage and motivate people to give it their very best in a competition while having a blast doing it! The idea of using contests is actually quite common, and numerous companies have used it as a recruiting tool.

Gamification has the potential to get the best out of each candidate while solving real, on-the-job challenges. In gaming, you are always competing, either against the game, yourself, or is the case of multiplayer games; other players.

The most basic task of any recruiter is sourcing talent and engage employees. Looking for candidates in IT and cyber security means looking for talent and skills that can be hard to spot, even by their curriculum vitae. Some very good candidates for a particular position might not even be able to properly articulate their own knowledge, so you loose them. Competition assisted recruiting is a tool that brings several benefits that helps solve this problem.

Gamified competitions encourages the candidates to engage. While they compete and play in a gamified realistic simulated work environment, recruiters can check and verify the candidates’ aptitude, creative thinking and problem solving capabilities in detail. The best in selected categories takes home the victory. Does that mean a competition winner is always the best candidate for a position? If you designed the competition specifically to find the one right candidate, then the answer is yes, but sometimes you might be surprised and discover several candidates.

Being able to accurately measure skill performance is vital and the sheer amount of data that must be collected and made sense of to do so, can be staggering. Applying AI to collect, analyze and report is one very efficient way of interpreting data from multiple players in the competition.

Using competition assisted recruiting will help find the candidates that are just right, and even those that otherwise would fly under the radar.

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